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Our Mission

About Satcube – We are determined to simplify satellite communications by creating products that remove the complexity and reduce the cost of broadband connectivity wherever it’s needed.

Our Promise

We can deliver true broadband speeds which allow you to communicate as if you were in the office or at home.  And our terminal is so easy to use that there’s no need for engineers or complex equipment. High Throughput Satellites also deliver radical cost savings over traditional global communications solutions. The combination of ease of use and affordability mean you can get connected and stay online.

Quote from the Founder

“We believe the time has come to revolutionise satellite communications,” says Jakob Kallmér, founder and CEO of Satcube. “We looked at the development of High Throughput Satellites and decided to develop products and services enabling people to stay connected wherever they are at a fraction of today´s prices.”

The team


Satcube is based on decades of experience in the satellite industry.  Founder and CEO, Jakob Kallmér, has recruited a team with a background in companies such as SWE-DISH Satellite Systems, RUAG, SSC and Ericsson

Board of directors

CEO / Founder

Jakob Kallmér

an entrepreneur with a vision of expanding the availability of satellite terminals to a mass market. Jakob combines deep technological expertise with market knowledge and the ability to recruit the people needed to make the vision a reality. Jakob holds a MSc in Physics from Uppsala University and has extensive knowledge of law and design management.

CTO / Co-Founder

Johan Karlsson

an entrepreneur in the IT and telecommunications industry. He brings extensive experience in developing products in a challenging international environment. Leadership, endurance and a holistic approach have been key success factors. Johan has a Master of Science degree from Chalmers University of Technology.

Chairman of the board

Mats Andersson

Entrepreneur and intrapreneur with more than 30 years international wireless and telecom experience working at various engineering and management positions at Ericsson and Saab Ericsson Space. During his 5 years as CEO, the start-up company Bluetest grew rapidly to become the world leading MIMO Over-The-Air (OTA) test company. Mats has three university degrees (Lic. Eng., M. Sc. and B.A.) from Chalmers University of Technology and University of Gothenburg.

Board member

Johan Koch

a serial entrepreneur and angel investor.