Private hosting of Rust crates

For a long time, systems programming in general and embedded programming in particular, have been dominated by C, and to some extent C++. The reason is clear: the programmer has control over the system, and the overhead is minimal. At the same time, the type system is weak, handling dependencies is hard, and it takes a lot of experience and discipline to do things correctly. Of course, there exist other languages trying to solve these shortcomings (Ada, Java Embedded), but they have stayed niche or faded away into obscurity.READ MORE

Secure hierarchy systems to safeguard private communications

In crisis communication, satellite communications is the only independent solution that is reliable in any given situationDemanding that the satellite terminals used delivers solutions that are stable and secureTherefore, continuous work is being done on our Satcube Ku terminal to keep developing secure and stable communications. Finding performance efficient methods that live up to our high security standards and that are easy to implement is challenging work. To this end Magnus Harryson, our new team member, has been investigating if using Role-Based Access Control, RBAC, in combination with the logic language Datalog could form an effective method to handle access control of tasks within an embedded system. 


Satcom made easy- live demonstrations

Our mission at Satcube is to simplify access to satellite broadband by reducing the complexity. We are challenging the traditional ways of satellite communication where heavy equipment is difficult and time consuming to operate. Instead we offer a product that can easily be transported and operated by anyone. This is reflected in our daily operations as well where we offer online demonstrations of our Satcube terminal as oppose to traditional meetings. 

Satellite communication for emergency response

Communication is key in everything and especially in emergency response as better communication means quicker response. Responding quickly in areas affected by conflict or natural disasters could be the matter of life and death in some cases. When armed conflicts have damaged the communication infrastructure “satellite remains the only technology available” says Claudiu Mateescu, Telecom Engineer at ICRC, the International Committee of the Red Cross. 

The secret of useability

The Satcube Ku provides high performance satellite broadband with speeds of up to 20 mbps. The terminal builds upon a unique pointing system which allows the user to point the antenna with an accuracy of within 0.2 degrees. This is achieved with high-performance navigation sensors and smart software integration. The refined user interface on the display guides the user to optimal performance everytime, everywhere. 


The Satcube navigation system utilises GPS, Global Positioning System, to accurately provide location. The angular position of the antenna is determined by the IMU, Inertial Measurement Unit, which includes accelerometer, MEMS gyroscope and Power Density sensors.


SWaP- Get it low

SWaP is an acronym for Size, Weight and Power. In research and development, it is generally used in reference to optimize the Size, Weight and Power of a device or system.READ MORE

Welcome to the Satcube Blog

Satcube AB is a disruptive development company in the satellite communication arena. The company was founded back in 2006 and aims to provide the world with seamless satellite broadband. Our Satcube Ku is unique in its size, usability and performance, and we would now like to welcome you into this success by sharing a glimpse of Satcube AB.Over the course of developing the Satcube Ku, a lot of valuable lessons have been learned.