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Satcube AB is a disruptive development company in the satellite communication arena. The company was founded back in 2006 and aims to provide the world with seamless satellite broadband. Our Satcube Ku is unique in its size, usability and performance, and we would now like to welcome you into this success by sharing a glimpse of Satcube AB.Over the course of developing the Satcube Ku, a lot of valuable lessons have been learned. 

This blog is us inviting you to take part in the development of the Ku going forward. To listen in to our thoughts on what is important to the end-user of high-end fast deployment portable satellite terminals. To create a forum for discussions with our engineers regarding design prioritizations and trade-offs. To showcase new functionality that is constantly added to the terminal, and the introduction of satellite communication devices into the digital era. To show non-traditional satcom users how easy it can be to incorporate satellite communication, either for redundancy or as a communications enabler in otherwise impossible spots.

This by highlighting different use-cases to show how first responders rapidly can deploy the satellite terminal for critical communication or how broadcasters easily can travel with the IATA-certified terminal to cover live events, worldwide.

The full team at Satcube sees this as an opportunity to share what we have learned, and as an avenue to affect the Satcom industry discourse with what is important to us.

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