Secure hierarchy systems to safeguard private communications

In crisis communication, satellite communications is the only independent solution that is reliable in any given situationDemanding that the satellite terminals used delivers solutions that are stable and secureTherefore, continuous work is being done on our Satcube Ku terminal to keep developing secure and stable communications. Finding performance efficient methods that live up to our high security standards and that are easy to implement is challenging work. To this end Magnus Harryson, our new team member, has been investigating if using Role-Based Access Control, RBAC, in combination with the logic language Datalog could form an effective method to handle access control of tasks within an embedded system. 

First responders, broadcaster and NGO’s are examples of organizations who oftentimes find themselves working in areas where the available methods of communications are not sufficient. These areas could be regions where the infrastructure is underdeveloped as well as places affected by conflicts or natural disasters. Satellite communications therefore becomes the only reliable solution. Not only for internal communication to organize operations but also external communication with the public to ensure they have the information needed to stay safe. 

Magnus tested how our system could help provide safe communications through the implementation of RBAC. By using RBAC, the system administrator can grant privileges to roles and assign users to these roles. Doing so ensures Principle of Least Privilege, PoLP, which means that users have only enough privilege to perform their assigned task. By implementing PoLP when assigning roles one can ensure sensitive information isn’t accessed by anyone but the assigned role. Hence security breaches can be avoided. Whilst Access Control Lists, ACL, is a more common model the RBAC model allows the system administrator to form a general policy rather than assigning permissions to files on an individual basis. Magnus found that the RBAC model could be implemented quite easily and that it showed great promise in enhancing the security of embedded systems. 

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