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Satcube develops compact, easy to use satellite terminals to enable high-speed broadband anywhere, is launching a new online rental service used by ITV Daytime, 7News Australia, ICRC and other organizations on the ground in Ukraine

Gothenburg, April 25th, 2022: Satcube, a disruptive development company that develops compact, easy to use satellite terminals to enable high-speed broadband anywhere, is now launching a new online rental service used by ITV Daytime,) 7News Australia, ICRC (International Red Cross) and other organizations on the ground in Ukraine.

The Satcube Instant web platform is an online rental service that supplies the Satcube Ku terminal and high speed data packages that empower organizations to access seamless satellite broadband to communicate and deliver critical services at any time in the most remote locations around the globe. The online data service is built on Intelsat’s FlexMove network.Filling a connectivity gap for niche verticals with vital connectivity needs Satcube identified a gap in the market for verticals such as broadcasters and humanitarian aid organizations where future deployments and needs arise with extremely short notice. The Satcube Instant online service provides users with an easy to transport, pre-configured Satcube Ku terminal that is ready to use upon arrival. Versatile teams on the move can hit the ground running, allowing focus on essential missions and transfer of information. The versatile web platform enables users to monitor and control their data consumption with the option to add more data on the go if needed. The Satcube Instant benchmark service provides its global users with:

Easy management of user terminals via secure website.

Pre-configured Satcube Ku and data service enables users to create a Wi-Fi hotspot within minutes.

Satcube manages all freight of the Satcube Ku’s.

1–6-month rental periods.

Intelsat FlexMove data packages available from 3 GB – 240 GB.

Robust broadband connectivity in 190 countries.

24/7 support.

A senior Satcube representative will be available on-site at NAB Show, Las Vegas, to discuss and demonstrate the service: udani.petersson@satcube.com, Sales Director, Satcube.

- ”At Satcube, we aspire to make our solutions available online to a growing number of segments and users with critical connectivity needs,” confirms Pettersson. We have developed a flexible online rental service that harnesses the agility of the Satcube Ku portable, lightweight satellite terminal, high-speed data packages from global satellite broadband solution Intelsat FlexMove and the ability to order and manage from an easy-to-use web platform.”

Seamless satellite broadband
terminal 2
Satcube Ku lightweight satellite terminal & Intelsat FlexMove

Satcube Ku is a compact, lightweight terminal with a feature-rich GUI enabling users to create an easy-to-use Wi-Fi hotspot in just a minute to execute critical on-the-spot work assignments. The sophisticated intelligence of FlexMove will automatically identify which satellite is best suited at that place and time even in the most remote and hostile locations. FlexMove’s unique high-throughput global network and Satcube's easy-to-use interface provides users with portable, seamless high-speed connectivity.

About Satcube

Founded in 2007 as a consultancy company, today Satcube is a disruptive development company in the satellite communications arena. We develop game-changing terminals and services to enable high-speed broadband- anywhere, quickly, and cost-effectively. Identifying critical gaps in the satcom market, development of the Satcube Ku portable satellite terminal was initiated and in 2017, the groundbreaking terminal was released into the market. The innovative Satcube Ku is a lightweight and portable terminal created to be extremely user-friendly and easy to operate to enable organizations around the globe to access seamless satellite broadband to communicate and deliver critical services at any time. Satcube is based in Sweden with headquarters in Gothenburg and manufacturing in Karlstad. With a global network of strategic resellers Satcube can now we found worldwide with a wide range of customers. To read more about our users click the link. For more information, please visit our website at www.satcube.com and follow us on LinkedInTwitter and YouTube.


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