Private hosting of Rust crates

For a long time, systems programming in general and embedded programming in particular, have been dominated by C, and to some extent C++. The reason is clear: the programmer has control over the system, and the overhead is minimal. At the same time, the type system is weak, handling dependencies is hard, and it takes a lot of experience and discipline to do things correctly. Of course, there exist other languages trying to solve these shortcomings (Ada, Java Embedded), but they have stayed niche or faded away into obscurity.READ MORE

Secure hierarchy systems to safeguard private communications

In crisis communication, satellite communications is the only independent solution that is reliable in any given situationDemanding that the satellite terminals used delivers solutions that are stable and secureTherefore, continuous work is being done on our Satcube Ku terminal to keep developing secure and stable communications. Finding performance efficient methods that live up to our high security standards and that are easy to implement is challenging work. To this end Magnus Harryson, our new team member, has been investigating if using Role-Based Access Control, RBAC, in combination with the logic language Datalog could form an effective method to handle access control of tasks within an embedded system.