Applications / Cases

Since Satcube was founded we have worked towards reducing the complexity of satellite communications and making it more accessible to everyone. By listening to the market and our customers we understand their needs and challenges. Find out how we solved them and what Satcube can do for your organization below




In emergency situations time is of the essence and having the ability to communicate is key to coordinate response operations effectively. Disasters, whether they’re due to conflicts, hurricanes, earthquakes or wildfires, increase the need for equipment that is highly transportable and easy to use.

With a global network the Satcube enables first responders to establish seamless satellite broadband connectivity in just a minute anywhere on the planet. Enabling them to execute critical communications and tasks.



With the portable Satcube Ku journalists arrive ready to report news from all corners of the world. It doesn’t matter if the infrastructure is compromised by an earthquake or a music festival, the Satcube solution is independent of the situation on the ground and allows you to get HD footage on air in no time.

At just 8 kgs the portable Satcube Ku is the ideal solution for delivering breaking news stories or live sport events. Journalists and media teams can easily transport the Satcube in a carry-on case onboard flights, trains, helicopters or cars and get connected in real time. Replacing complex and clumsy equipment, enabling media professional to focus on their core tasks, delivering news.


Today´s modern business organizations needs wants easy- to use communication tools and broadband access for all employees all the time. Here you will find recent user cases.


From remote offshore platforms to isolated natural gas facilities, connectivity is critical to business and operational success. With oil and gas teams constantly on the move, the Satcube terminal is the perfect portable satellite terminal to meet their evolving needs. The Satcube helps teams carry out critical tasks, reporting, communications and all private communication from rural areas.


With more TV content being produced than ever and production companies needs connectivity from rural locations to sync with film studios, special effects studios directors and producers. The Satcube Ku provides a highly cost-efficient solution for enabling smaller teams on set enabling distribution of footage back to headquarters, from where the action is.


Engineering teams can provide real-time data and analytics that can be used to improve efficiency, control environmental impacts, and enhance safety.


By using a Satcube terminal, construction sites can provide teams with Wi-Fi to support all communications on site but also back to headquarters.